The Studio – My best music picks of the week.

So, I know that Christian music is hard to come by these days, at least decent Christian music.  Most artists nowadays talk about the experience we get when we feel God’s presence in the room.  But what if you don’t feel his presence?  What are we singing about then?  I know right!  False advertising.  But, we can still have some church up in here if we find some good music, and a lot of that can be found in the rap/hip-hop genre.

Canon – Take it All Away.  This is a great single, and I’ll supply the link to YouTube (click the image).  But it has a great beat and a great message, and it talks about real stuff like the real struggles we come in contact with every day.  This guy has some other good songs you might want to check out.

iTunes: $1.29

Google Play: $0.99

Youth Revival – Y&F, Hillsong.  But, I did find something like a diamond in the rough: a live album entitled Youth Revival by Young & Free.  I gotta admit, I abhor live albums, but this one was alright.

iTunes: $9.99

Google Play: $9.49


Hollyn – EP – Hollyn.  And for those who like more of the pop genre, this is a great place to find it.  She debuted with TobyMac (boo!), a bit of a red flag, but she nailed her own spot in the CCM world with this EP.

iTunes: $5.99

Google Play: $5.94

Well, those are all for now, and hopefully we’ll have more great music for you next week if the artists can get their act together (I’m joking…mostly).  But hope this helped you with some of your music crisis, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll be wanting more music to jam out to by the end of the week.

Thanks guys!  Adios.


Images are from  I own no rights to above images.

I blog in response to the DailyPost’s Daily Prompts: Drop.  These artists dropped their tracks not too long ago, and I hope to spread the word for them.


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